Regional Competence Center

About the Project

THE GENERAL OBJECTIVE of the project is to increase the skilled workforce in the field of mechanical engineering in the area of northwestern Croatia.

About the Project

Technical School Čakovec is the holder of the project “Establishment of the RCC in Mechanical Engineering NORTH – TŠČ” which is implemented under the Grant Agreement for projects funded by the ESF and OP Effective Human Resources in the financial period 2014 -2020, within the call UP.

Establish regional centers of competence in vocational education in (sub) sectors: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, agriculture, and health. The project will be implemented from March 1, 2020, to November 2, 2023.

The total value of the project is HRK 26,191,548.75. The project partners are Međimurje County, Varaždin School of Mechanical Engineering and Traffic, Oroslavje High School, Krapina High School, Daruvar Technical School, Čakovec School of Architecture, University of the North, SOBOČAN doo and POU ALGEBRA.

The project lasts 44 months, and the total value of the project is HRK 26,191,548.75.

Technical school Čakovec, together with partners, will implement the project to solve the workforce’s lack of qualification in the mechanical engineering field and contribute to solving the problem of mismatch of knowledge that students have after high school and labor market needs. The project contributes to solving the issue by establishing the Regional Competence Center in Mechanical Engineering, whose primary goal will be close cooperation with the economic sector from the regional area where the RCC is established.


Increase of skilled labor in the field of mechanical engineering in the area of northwestern Croatia.


Improving the quality of vocational education in the field of mechanical engineering in northwestern Croatia by establishing RCK - TŠČ: strengthening links and creating synergies between vocational education systems in the field of mechanical engineering, economy, scientific organizations, and international centers.


114 school educators and partner institutions, 700 students, 60 adult students, at least 2 mentors from employers who participate in the implementation of project activities; employed and unemployed who will be able to acquire competencies and 20 people with disabilities.

This project, together with the HRK 29.6 million project "Regional Center for Mechanical Engineering TŠČ" (funded by the European Regional Development Fund), will enable the creation of infrastructural, technological, organizational, and professional prerequisites for top vocational education and adult education according to the economy need in the field of mechanical engineering in the region.