Regionalni cenar kompetentnosti

Tehnical school

Čakovec Technical School is 130 years old and is the largest high school in Međimurje County. In the school year 2020/2021. educates 800 students in 37 classes in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering.

"Technology - a challenge for the future" - is the motto of TSC.

By the motto, the school continuously invests significant funds in equipping and modernizing school spaces and practicums for practical classes. With the most modern equipment for teaching mechanical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering, effort and knowledge of school staff and hardworking students, notable results are achieved in competitions from various vocational and general education fields, very high enrollment in higher education, but also recognized the quality of graduates. Labor market.

Through the implementation of EU and national projects, schools further strengthen their material capacities and human resources.

After being appointed the Regional Center of Competence in Mechanical Engineering in 2020, the school signed Agreements on implementing two EU projects through which the Regional Center of Competence will be financed. The total value of the projects is HRK 56 million, HRK 29,993,165.98 from the European Regional Development Fund, and HRK 26,191,548.75 from the European Social Fund. Thus, the Technical School Čakovec is developing into a place of excellence in vocational education and training in mechanical engineering.


Contact information of the Technical School Čakovec can be found on the official website